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Stephen McKenzie is an award winning Australian photojournalist, best known for hundreds of feature stories written and shot for the Melbourne Weekly group of magazines and exhibitions celebrating his love of street and landscape photography. Since turning freelance in 2012, Stephen has applied his dual passions to print media, corporations, councils, families (the commissioned biography of 95 year old Calcuttan livewire Lena Anderson is a rollicking yarn) and galleries, among them Brooklyn's Urban Folk Art, host of his first NYC show in 2013. Stephen's latest project is a selection of 'moments' in Siem Reap for Cambodian NGO Temple Garden Foundation. Twenty two prints (70cm x 45cm) will be auctioned at a November 14 fundraiser in Singapore, with all proceeds going to a micro-lending charity working wonders with sanitation, rice production and education in villages that need it most. For 20 years, Stephen has been privileged to make a living from telling people's stories in words and photos. He has hardly 'worked' a day in his life. That said, he can't wait for his next job. To purchase Stephen's work, or simply have a natter, call 0425 846 182. For information on the upcoming TGF auction, see http://www.tgfcambodia.com/2014-auction-images.html
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